Private Banking Sector

When you become a F.I.Kendra Money Transfer agent, you are partnering with an industry leader who will provide you with all that you need in the most critical areas of the business: anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing compliance, training and technical support. Using our team's experience and expertise, we can create innovative solutions to fit your customers' needs – all of this with virtually no investment on your part. Furthermore, our Money Transfer solution: Provides a significant revenue stream Attracts new customers to your business Establishes you as a financial services provider Keeps your customers away from your competitors who offer similar services For more information on these product solutions, please visit us at Our services include:

Aadhaar Banking

Easy cash withdrawal/deposit at Nearby Retail Store using just fingerprint and Aadhaar Number

Aadhaar Banking

Instant & safe cash withdrawal/deposit at using just fingerprint and Aadhaar Number

Money Transfer

Instant safe money transfer to any Bank Account across India and Indo-Nepal


Send money to your family instantly, Transfer money even on Sundays & Public Holidays, Safe & secure – Your friendly retailer will ensure there are no mistakes


Attractive commissions, More customers, Rotate money faster

Key Benefits of Service

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System AEPS is another initiative from the Government to promote cashless economy and digit banking. AEPS is an NCPI (NPCI deals with switching, clearing and settlement of your transactions) initiative that allows the bank customer to get money from their bank account. AEPS comes with several advantages that are worth noticing.